What are Imaginary Circumstances for Actors

What are Imaginary Circumstances?

Actors put themselves into Imaginary Circumstances to experience real-time events in acting.

A great Actor knows they must fully be involved within the scene. The more they are capable of receiving the others they work with the more they will have going on within themselves.

Emotional Preparation is another factor that amplifies and warms up the Actors Emotions for receptivity in their acting.

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What are Imaginary Circumstances in Acting?

The more you can isolate self answers to this question the more you can build your own Actors faith while in 'Imaginary Circumstances'. There are things that will build out your talent so you have a deeper experience and things that will limit your talent from living a real-time experience.

First, Let's get an understanding that the goal is to have an authentic Real-Time Experience.

A real-time experience is an unfiltered, unpredictable outcome which happens sometimes very fast when there are a lot of things going on. Permission ourself not to catch everything the first time is a major KEY.

That means that even inside our acting we are giving ourselves permission to not be all knowing. All Knowing Actors will perform every beat and feel stuck on stage. They will think they have to have an answer for everything when those expectations of self desire. This is typical acting. The Actor looks rigid and performing every line rehearsed.

Imaginary Circumstances are Freer!

Working with your Imagination in Acting you warm up the area then discover what is the reality when you are in the moment. This is key.

You do not need to know every motion you are going to do before you do it. You need to know a Range of Emotion but we'll get to that. Know that you stimulate your imagination within an area and then discover what the reality is and how you will live out the result (with the other Actor).

The Imaginary Circumstances are the ability of Freedom to the Actor. The Actor can rest knowing they are free to express themselves with all their faults or fantastic qualities within the Imaginary construction of the scene.

Range of Emotion in Imaginary Circumstances?

Yes. There is a range of Emotion for a scene. There can also be a range of emotion for the start of a scene in an Imaginary Circumstance. This is the main thing to pay attention to.

Isolate an understanding of what the Imaginary Circumstances Range could be. Then do the HARD work of Self Activating that Emotion. This process is called Emotional Activation and by many its also called Emotional Preparation.

Many Actors will do Emotional Preparation and forget the step of Emotional Activation. The Self Activation of the emotion is the most important step. Self Activating emotion gets your endorphins started.

You have your own choice to make. You can rely on the scene and blame your acting partner for not starting your endorphins the right way that matches the scene, or , you can learn the craft of Emotional Preparation and Emotional Activation yourself.

If you learn Emotional Preparation and Emotional Activation yourself you will be expanding your own talent every time you work.


Determine the Emotional Range of the Scene.
Find an Emotional Activation that actually activates your endorphins.
The while emotionally stimulated start the scene and RECEIVE the other Actor.

Your Goal is to mix what you have going on in yourself with what they have going on in themselves. Attempt to receive what they have going on internally in yourself.

The goal is to receive your partner and build up your own Actors faith.

Summary of Imaginary Circumstances

Imaginary Circumstances are the conditions that you place yourself in to explore a possible but not predetermined outcome. The more you have flex in the ability interaction the better your acting will be.

Imaginary Circumstances is the bread of butter of acting practice. You can practice Imaginary Circumstances also with Acting Activities alone or with acting partners.

There is a list of over 1100+ Acting Activities on EmotionalPreparation.com

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