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Production/ Apparel / Creating_ explores the Actors faith of Imagination. Actors believing their imagination by utilizing tools like Emotional Preparation is key.

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Reading with the right font that matches you and your reading capabilities is a major thing. Being able to read with ease is the right of every individual.

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June 2021

As I work on other projects and continue Emotional Preparation and Acting Books the ability to work with students will continue to work itself out and achieve synergy with creativity.

New Careers in acting happen by learning solid acting training and techniques but is not the outcome to drive towards to blindside the learning processes.

I am interested in training people who are willing to pick up small roles even when they have big names.

This creates a more focused driven learning where no pressure to perform can allow more personality to flow within the acting itself and the classroom resulting in relaxed scene work which naturally encompasses real intrigue.

The exercise work can grow from genuine interest rather than desires to achieve.

If you think that you are too good for a small role and it is beneath you then you likely are not the student that would thrive with my teachings or books, although we may still be friends or acquaintances.

The reality of even the smallest parts in creative acting is they could still be big learning tools for yourself as an Actor or bring learning tools for yourself as an Actor which brings out growth that you may never have happened if those small parts were not done.

Sadly, many people think including managers that Hollywood is about working your way up, but the ideal way is to work to discover yourself and doing small roles even when regulars on shows helps your creativity and outcome with your audience base.

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